A Backhand to Remember is a tier 6 skill in Aurelia's Contractual Aristocracy skill tree.


This skill changes Aurelia's melee attack to a backhand, which can knock back enemies and deal Cryo damage to them. The backhand also gives Aurelia and her allies increased movement speed and reload speed for a short time.

  • Motivated Movement Speed: +20%
  • Motivated Reload Speed: +20%


  • Cryo damage is based on Aurelia's level.
  • The backhand is dealt at the same speed as a swing from a melee-accessory weapon (instead of Aurelia's usual slow slap). Additionally, the backhand has higher range.
  • A critical hit will double the Cryo damage.
  • The cooldown of the skill, as well as the duration of the bonuses, is 12 seconds.
  • The backhand must hit an enemy to trigger the bonuses, but the skill will go on cooldown whether the backhand hits or not.

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