AX-88 is the title of a group of common pistols in Borderlands 3 that are manufactured by Atlas.

Usage & Description

Unlike the AX-7 and AX-19, the AX-88 fires rockets instead of bullets. Each shot fired consumes 2 rounds of ammunition and deals the highest damage per shot out of the Atlas pistols, at the cost of a low firing rate. Its rocket start flying wildly past medium range and explode after a short time, making it almost impossible to use outside of close encounters without tracking rounds. Its barrel accessories aim to further increase its damage or improve its projectile speed.

The AX-88 has limited use if the user does not take advantage of its secondary fire mode, as the rockets have a slow travel speed, fly erratically after a medium range, and explode after a set time, making it very difficult to hit targets at a distance.

Characters specializing in splash damage (or have skills which double projectile count, like Zane's Playing Dirty) can make the most out of the weapon by improving its already good damage output.

The AX-88 can spawn with three unique barrel accessories:

  • Rear magazine fins that increases damage by 10%.
  • Front guards that increases damage by 10%.
  • Modified side fins that increase projectile speed by 30%.

 Notable Variants

  • Peacemongerunique AX-88 pistol that fires a single rocket for 4 ammo per shot. Rockets travel for short time before splitting into multiple smaller rockets, which home in on opponents without requiring tracker rounds.


  • Rockets fired by the AX-88 deal splash damage and benefit from skills that grant effects based on splash damage, such as Moze's Fire in the Skag Den skill.
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