ASMD is a legendary sniper rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Maliwan. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Special Weapon Effects

You planning a follow-up? – Always shock. No charge time. Alternate firing mode cycles between an energy orb and an energy bolt. When hip-fired, it shoots a slow-moving energy orb. When zoomed in, it shoots a fast-moving energy bolt. Hitting the energy orb with a bolt causes a large explosion.

Usage & Description

The ASMD will switch between its fire modes automatically when entering and leaving the scope. By default, from the hip, the ASMD will fire energy orbs. It will switch to the energy beam upon zooming in. It can still be switched freely with the Alternate Fire button, however it will return to these "default" settings upon entering or leaving the scope.

The ASMD can be inferior to most Proton Rifles, as those pack superior damage, multiple elements, and can be used effectively from the hip. If used as a standard sniper rifle, the ASMD deals less damage than its counterparts, while the energy orb combo is more time consuming and accomplishes less than sniping directly for critical spots. Overall, the ASMD can fit the niche of a weapon that can flush enemies out who are hiding behind cover, or for depleting the shields of large groups of enemies.

Moze can make excellent use of the ASMD, as many of her skills in the Demolition Woman tree rely on splash damage.


  • Both the energy orb and the energy bolt will deal the same amount of damage. The energy orb is capable of scoring critical hits.
  • The energy orb's hitbox is rather generously sized, as the bolt can miss the orb by a significant margin and still trigger the explosion.


  • The weapon's name and effect are a reference to the the ASMD Shock Rifle from the Unreal series of games.
    • The acronym itself comes from the partial phrase, "...and suck my dick." from the movie Fear of a Black Hat.
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