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An ARR Loader is an enemy unit type exclusive to Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. ARR Loaders are slow-moving robots, apparently of a refitted GUN Loader design. In keeping with the pirate theme of the DLC, the ARR Loader has metal blades attached to its arms, a tricorn hat, an eye patch curiously aligned beneath the optic sensor, and a peg leg. This last affectation, replacing the lower half of the loader's digitigrade leg assembly, gives it a curious hobbling gait.



ARR Loaders occasionally accompany other loader types into conflict and tend to be of higher level than other nearby regular loaders, so are consequently more robust. They have critical hit spots in the shoulder assembly and optic sensor. Critical hits delivered to a shoulder often results in the destruction of the associated arm, and a significant reduction in their combat effectiveness.

The right arm typically carries an assault rifle, while the left is able to lob a grenade. At close ranges, and typically once the arms have been forcibly removed, the ARR Loader can engage an energy beam attack from the optic sensor.

ARR Loaders always spawn with a shield, which must be depleted before their limbs can be shot off. Unlike the personal shields worn by human characters, this shield has no recharge capability.