AMBER LAMPS are rare enemy spawns in Borderlands 3. They act as the "Loot" variants of Maliwan Bots.



AMBER LAMPS are gilded Maliwan bots with, fittingly, an amber light for a head. They can very rarely be found in areas where Maliwan bots can spawn. AMBER LAMPS will flail around while attempting to run away from the character. It will drop money while shot at, with a burst of cash each time its head or arms are shot off. When killed, AMBER LAMPS will malfunction in midair before causing an explosion of loot. If it is not killed in time, it will raise itself in the air and disappear.


  • The AMBER LAMPS' name is a reference to the AC Transit Bus fight, which achieved memetic status online for multiple reasons, one of which included a member of the fight slurring while requesting for an ambulance after being beat up.

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