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A-Hunting We Will Go is a story mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt given by Claptrap.



  • Find cave entrance
  • Travel to Ardorton Station
  • Destroy DNA sample
  • Destroy backup DNA sample
  • Destroy emergency backup DNA sample
  • Find creature lab
  • Shut down creature lab
  • Kill Woundspike
  • Return to lodge


This mission is rather long, so completing it entirely in one sitting is advised to avoid replaying through the numerous fights.

The first targets of the mission are the samples of Handsome Jack's DNA. To reach them, one must push through multiple boroks and savages until a safehouse of sorts is reached, which sports the save spot, but no vending machines. From this location, the samples are rather evenly distributed to the left, right and front side. It is generally the best to destroy the left and right samples firstly, since the mission continues directly from the location of the third jar, possibly reducing the time needed to complete the mission.

Once all three DNA samples are gone, Claptrap will announce directions to the creature area, where the creature lab needs to be shut down and any further experimentation prevented. When Professor Nakayama learns of the sabotage, he will send his abomination Woundspike to attack.

Woundspike will appear with several scaylions and attack using a dorsal auto cannon. Woundspike is entirely immune to damage until the cybernetic gun on its back is destroyed, reflecting all bullets in random directions and potentially harming attackers. For this stage of the fight the corridor leading to the boss fight arena offers excellent cover, and allows Vault Hunters to deal with the monstrosity with relative ease.

When the turret is destroyed, the Woundspike itself becomes vulnerable. As it has rather low health, the fight tends not to take long. However, the monster skin still partially reflects bullets and can pose a danger to Vault Hunters with low life.

After the creature is defeated, Nakayama will express his fear for his life and leaks the information that he has stored the last DNA sample on the H.S.S. Terminus. He realizes his mistake of revealing his secret base soon after and is shocked with his own ineptitude, only to be mocked by Sir Hammerlock.


"We've come to wreck everything and ruin your life. Claptrap sent us."

Turn In: Sir Hammerlock