3G0-TP is an optional mission in Claptastic Voyage given by 3G0-TP. It becomes available after File Search is complete.



  • Find 3G0-TP's trophies: 5/5
  • Give trophies to 3G0-TP
  • Deflate 3G0-TP


When this mission is accepted, 3G0-TP expresses his worry that Claptrap is being too introspective, thus leading to an overall demoralization. It suggests that the Vault Hunters collect a series of bronzed trophies which 3G0-TP has created to memorialize various events in Claptrap's past that he can be proud of. Once all the trophies are on display in one place, 3G0-TP's theory is that Claptrap will begin to feel better about himself. The trophies are all found in Motherlessboard, and picking up each one will cause 3G0-TP to reminisce about the event in question.

Once the trophies are delivered back to 3G0-TP in The Nexus, 3G0-TP starts to literally "get a big head," and inflates to a relatively gargantuan size, and start floating around the area making loud proclamations as to its greatness. The model it morphs into is the same as used for 1D-TP, but with a glowing "Weak Spot" on the back, which 3G0-TP brags about ("I'm so BIG and IMPORTANT, I even have a WEAK SPOT!")

The Weak Spot takes a very minor amount of damage to be destroyed, which deflates 3G0-TP down to his usual size. The Vault Hunters then must simply jump down to where 3G0-TP landed to turn in the mission, and listen to a few more complaints.


"Nice work. A powerful ego is a useful thing to have – provided it's kept in check!"

Turn in: 3G0-TP

Mission Transcript

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  • Text on the mission items is says:
    • 3G0 Trophy: That time a door opened on the first try!
    • 3G0 Trophy: That time I got like 3 feet of air!
    • 3G0 Trophy: That time someone remembered my birthday!
    • 3G0 Trophy: That time I didn't annoy anyone!
    • 3G0 Trophy: That time a stranger smiled at me!
  • The mission objectives to pick up 3G0-TP's trophies can be skipped by simply exiting Motherlessboard; the next mission objective (Give trophies to 3G0-TP) will become active, and the trophies can no longer be picked up.
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