Day 9

Lilith phased
A Siren is a woman within the Borderlands Universe who has incredible powers, and can be distinguished by a series of tattoos running down one half of her body. Handsome Jack has stated that no more than six Sirens can exist at the same time. At the time of Borderlands 2, Lilith, Maya, and Angel were known to be Sirens. A fourth, the now deceased Commandant Steele, whose Crimson Lance was revived under Roland as the Crimson Raiders, was also confirmed to be a Siren. At the time of Borderlands 3, at least two more Sirens have been identified: the Vault Hunter Amara, and the cult leader Tyreen Calypso, bringing the total number of identified Sirens to six. It is unknown if there are other living Sirens at this time.

Apart from their tattoos, Sirens are unified by their Phase-based abilities like Phasewalk, Phase Strike, and Phaseslam, as well as their ability to generate wings.

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