Day 17

Fry elemental relic
Artifacts in Borderlands and Relics in Borderlands 2 are powerful items of Eridian origin that bestow special effects on a player's character. Artifacts grant Elemental Damage and bonuses for a specific class Action Skill; Relics on the other hand are not class-restricted and may or may not be tied to a specific type of elemental damage. Apart from being powerful and sought-after items, often earned as quest rewards, Artifacts and Relics are significant because of their ties to the Eridians. Sirens are said to thrive off of Eridium ore, a material known to the ancient alien race of Eridians that produced these items. It is unclear if more about these connections will be made known in Borderlands 3, or if Artifacts, Relics, or a similar item will be found in the new game.
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