1D-TP is an optional mission in Claptastic Voyage given by 1D-TP. It becomes available after The Psychology of a Claptrap is complete.



  • Take empty barrel
  • Place empty barrel
  • Fill barrel
  • Pick up full barrel
  • Get generator
  • Find springs
  • Pick up Orbatron
  • Give oil
  • Place generator
  • Turn on generator
  • Give Orbatron to 1D-TP


This is a simple mission given by a gluttonous claptrap 1D-TP in The Nexus. Upon accepting the mission, 1D-TP will first demand that his empty oil barrel get filled up, which can be accomplished elsewhere in The Nexus. Next, he demands a generator which must be retrieved from Motherlessboard. Lastly, he tells the Vault Hunters to visit Claptrap's projection of Springs , back in The Nexus. Upon arriving there, Springs will provide an Orbatron.

The Vault Hunters then bring all those objects back to 1D-TP, where he proceeds to hedonistically indulge in their pleasures, before finally slumping back in a post-gluttony stupor.


"You helped 1D-TP fulfill his every desire. Lucky you."

Turn in: 1D-TP

Mission Transcript

Main article: 1D-TP (mission)/Transcript


  • Text on the mission items is says:
    • Empty Barrel: A barrel that needs filling.
    • Full Barrel: A barrel full of delicious high grade, high-viscosity oil.
    • Generator: Magical device for generating power.
    • Orbatron: A recreational sphere for robots.


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