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1D-TP is an optional mission in Claptastic Voyage given by 1D-TP. It becomes available after File Search is complete.



  • Take empty barrel
  • Place empty barrel
  • Fill barrel
  • Pick up full barrel
  • Get generator
  • Find springs
  • Pick up Orbatron
  • Give oil
  • Place generator
  • Turn on generator
  • Give Orbatron to 1D-TP


This is a simple mission given by a gluttonous claptrap 1D-TP in The Nexus. Upon accepting the mission, 1D-TP will first demand that his empty oil barrel get filled up, which can be accomplished elsewhere in The Nexus. Next, he demands a generator which must be retrieved from Motherlessboard. Lastly, he tells the Vault Hunters to visit Claptrap's projection of Springs, back in The Nexus. Upon arriving there, Springs will provide an Orbatron.

The Vault Hunters then bring all those objects back to 1D-TP, where he proceeds to hedonistically indulge in their pleasures, before finally slumping back in a post-gluttony stupor.


"You helped 1D-TP fulfill his every desire. Lucky you."

Turn in: 1D-TP

Mission Transcript

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  • Text on the mission items is says:
    • Empty Barrel: A barrel that needs filling.
    • Full Barrel: A barrel full of delicious high grade, high-viscosity oil.
    • Generator: Magical device for generating power.
    • Orbatron: A recreational sphere for robots.