1340 Shield Is a unique absorb shield manufactured by Vladof. It is obtained by giving the AI Core to Zed in the mission Out of Body Experience.

Special Shield Effects

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. – Unique voice module. It will speak in the voice of Loader #1340.

Usage & Description

The 1340 shield is useful when not paying attention to the shield's charge bar, since running low, becoming depleted, taking elemental damage or becoming recharged triggers a voice cue. Other than the unique voice module, the shield's stats seem to be in a similar range to those of any other blue absorb shield.


  • Players may choose to obtain the Shotgun 1340 instead by turning in the AI Core to Marcus.


Depleted Recharged

"Sorry boss! I'm gone!"
"Aw, crap!"
"Outta Shields!"
"Shields gone, boss!"
"Begone, prepare!"

"Be careful, boss"

"I'm back, baby!"
"Sexy and you know it"
"Come at me."
"Full shields."

Hit by Corrosive Hit by Fire Hit by Shock Hit by Slag

"Acid, huh? Nerds."
"Corrosive's no biggie."
"I laugh at corrosion. Ha!"

"I think we are corroded."

"Corroded. Boring."

"Fire never hurt anybody."
"You're on fire. Big deal."
"This isn't so bad."

"Kinda warm in here."


"This stuff's pretty gross."

"You alright, boss?"

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