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The 12 Pounder is a unique rocket launcher manufactured by Torgue in Borderlands 2. It is exclusive to the Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC and is obtained as a rare drop from Big Sleep located in Hayter's Folly.

Special Weapon Effect[]

Nec Pluribus Impar, Bitches. – Increased damage and reload speed. Greatly reduced magazine size. Fires arcing cannonballs that explode if they directly hit an enemy or bounce with parabolic trajectory if they hit an inert surface before exploding.

Usage & Description[]

Unlike other launchers, the 12 Pounder is not suited for long range. It differs from them with its improved reload speed and damage, making it better at close quarters.


  • The 12 Pounder's 1-round magazine makes most versions of the weapon incompatible with Gaige's Smaller, Lighter, Faster skill as any points in the skill will reduce the magazine size to 0 and make the weapon unusable.
  • Although the 12 Pounder can spawn with the RL_Accessory_BodyMod_1_Mag accessory, it will only increase the weapon's magazine size if it has either a Torgue grip or a Bandit grip and exhaust. Otherwise, the weapon's magazine will stay fixed at 1.
    • A Torgue grip will extend the magazine size to 2. If it also spawns with the magazine size accessory, its total capacity will be further extended to 3 rounds. These variants are compatible with the aforementioned skill.
  • Despite a long-standing belief that the 12 Pounder was the only rocket launcher capable of scoring critical hits on a Crystalisk's legs, all rocket launchers are capable of doing so, and none of them are capable of such on other enemies.
  • Because it usually has only one round in the magazine, Zer0's 0ne Sh0t 0ne Kill skill could apply to every shot, further improving its already high damage.


  • The flavor text is a Latin phrase with no proper literal translation. The most common translations are "not unequal to many," "above all," "greater than all," and "No more actuating." This motto was commonly used by Louis XIV of France and was often cast onto cannon barrels.
  • The term "12-Pounder" is a common term for a cannon that fires 12-pound projectiles.