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-=n00bkiller=- is an enemy knight in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. He is "played" by an out-of-game character who is themselves a gamer, who has defeated another out-of-game character, the Crestfallen Player.


-=n00bkiller=- invaded the world of the Crestfallen Player in an attempt to kill him and obtain his souls. While the Crestfallen player was tending to his wounds by drinking an Estus Flask, -=n00bkiller=- sneaked up behind him and stabbed him in the back, killing him and causing him to lose his humanity and souls.


After the Vault Hunters restore the Crestfallen Player's humanity by obtaining souls, -=n00bkiller=- becomes aware and invades their world in order to eliminate them and steal the recently-regained souls.



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  • -=n00bkiller=-'s ability to "invade" other "players" worlds, is a reference to the Dark Souls game series, where players can invade each others' worlds in an attempt to kill the owner of the world. Invading players are colored bright red so that they can be easily identified, much as -=n00bkiller=- is.