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Isn't it time you take your weapons to the next level? Sure, old-fashioned slug throwers have served you well in the past, but so did Bologna sandwiches. You've grown. Your tastes have changed. They've refined. It's time you had a gun that evolved with you and didn't feel like a family heirloom. Maliwan believes in honoring the past by embracing the future. Every Maliwan weapon is designed by the skilled technicians in our bleeding-edge laboratories to pack as much elemental punch as possible. Our staff of artisans crafts each weapon to look as good as it performs. Maliwan offers a full line of pistols, shotguns, rifles, and rocket launchers to fit every style. If it's not elemental, it's not a Maliwan.
— Maliwan Verkaufspräsentation, Offizieller Borderlands Guide

Maliwan ist ein Produzent, der Waffen wie Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, Pistols (Revolver sowie Kleinkalibriges), Rocket Launchers, Schilde und Laser herstellt.

Bei den Schilden stechen vor allem Novaschilde hervor (Arealeffekt wenn der Schild zerschossen wird), während jede Maliwan-Waffe einen Elementareffekt besitzt. Dies geht allerdings leicht zu Lasten der Genauigkeit.