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The Return

Borderlands 2. It has been some time, (I haven't kept track), but I have the nagging feeling in the back of my head just trying to make me play more Borderlands. So I have decided to return to one of my Top 5 games and play again. And I felt that starting a new character would be fun, instead of using one of my OP characters. However, whenever I normally start, I pick a character and go straight for those OP skill trees. So I wanna ask you guys, the faithful and undying community, for some ideas on a really, really stupid build using the base game, the 2 ultimate upgrades and Tiny Tina's Assault on Annoyingly Long Keep.

-The Angry Mustache Model

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• 5h

First tubby of today

First tubby drop me a 2nd butcher and my first legendary class mod this playtrough
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• 24h

Favorite game

  • #1
  • pre sequel
  • #2
  • tails 👎
  • I'm afraid to choose.
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Looking for friends

So recently got into borderlands again and i need some people to play with to go after legendary bosses, I'm currently finishing up normal mode and leveling my psycho character from 35 to 50 to switch over to tvhm, this is on pc platform through steam btw, drop a comment if interested
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• 1d

Nice to see that the bl community is still running

I left this community at the start of the tear and only recently have I gotten that "spark" to play again, I thought it would be nice to see all yall round here, new and old, its a nice feeling :)
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Exp farms for tvhm?

So I only recently got back into the game after I bought handsome collection last year, and im playin as lvl 43 zer0, any good exp farming tips or places??
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• 1d

Getting my butt kicked

Playing as Krieg, UVHM, trying to get through "assassinate the assassins", lvl 62,
the 2nd mini boss "Oney" keeps crushing me like a used diaper.
After grinding through for freaking HOURS, despite using slag, a leveled nukem, a leveled DPUH,,Bee shield,,numerous swaps of class mods,
AND OF COURSE, it must know that I need a sniper rifle,,because no decent one can be found or bought, even after searching different locations of Marcus' vendors. Would love 2 see mr pitchfords head on my wall.
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About the bl1 madjack

I was looking at ww2 videos and i found this
Its a video about a soldier called mad jack for taking a sword bow and bagpipe to war he is the link to the video

I don't know what category this should be in
The Man who Fought with a Longbow and a Sword in WWII
The Man who Fought with a Longbow and a Sword in WWII YouTube
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• 2d


Anyone on Xbox want to play any of the Bl games
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• 2d

About to grind

Hey all! I am finally about to play bl2 again.....after 1 year and 6 months....I lost the spark I had for the game and it is back now Hell yea!
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What's your favourite game in the series. Its gotta be 1 for me
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• 2d

Gearbox need to stop playin

Just drop bl3 alreadyyyy
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• 3d

Stinging Insects

Ive noticed that there are a few items names after insects that like to fly around and sting people suck as the bee, hive, hornet, and yellow jacket, are there any more that im not aware of?
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• 3d


Anyone want to help me with terra I have a 64 siren
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• 3d


Just stopped by GameStop and got BL:TPS and the dlc for all three games🌌

Add me up on Xbox and ps3 @HunterJojo9785
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• 3d

In bordlands 2

How legendary should I be to farm?
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• 3d

I am having trouble with the whole Craig thing.

Like I don't even have his dlc but I have one of his classmods can someone please help me

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Xp farm

Are there any good early game xp farms in borderlands 1?
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• 3d

Double tubby and pearlescents

The luck was real 2 tubbies and 2 peLescents!!!

The pearls are the unforgiving and a Tunguska and a sniper and Ninja class mods
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